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Choose Your Adventure

By Arts & Leisure

Choose Your Adventure

Choose Your Adventure is the debut album from Sacramento, California's, Arts & Leisure. Formed in 2011 by founding members of the orchestral pop outfit, Baby Grand, Arts & Leisure strips things down to the basics (two guitars, bass and drums), but ups the ante (and volume) with two singer/songwriters, Gerri White and Becky Cale. The band also features former Baby Grand members Cory Vick on guitar and Tim White on drums.  

Produced by Tony Cale (the English Singles), Choose Your Adventure combines elements of ’60s pop, ’70s power pop, ’80s new wave, and ’90s shoegaze, all of which helps to craft the group’s own brand of buzzy, hook-laden dream-pop. Here, the songs ride a rollercoaster of sound where the hushed and bittersweet can turn in a beat to exhilarating and anthemic. The band's lush harmonies and addictive melodies invite comparisons to artists such as The Breeders and The Primitives, but ultimately Arts & Leisure has a style all its own.

This summer, Arts & Leisure played several shows in the U.K. and Belgium, making new friends in such cities as Glasgow, London and Antwerp. Along the way they got to play with such artists as Gordon McIntyre (Ballboy), Northern Spies, Woog Riots and Tyrannosaurus Dead. Stateside, they’ve also played with the Crystal Stilts, The Orange Peels, Still Flyin’, and Phil Wilson & The June Brides.  

The band’s song “Seconds From Flight” is featured on the 2013 season premiere of the CBS hit show The Good Wife, and the album as a whole has received critical accolades.

The UK-based magazine 247 called Choose Your Adventure a “faultless debut,” praising the band’s “excellent songwriting, quirky guitar lines and fantastic harmonies … People need to find out about this band, and quickly.”

Likewise, Big Takeover magazine raved about the band’s “bubble-gum catchiness,” as well as the way “sumptuous singer Gerri White’s sighing coo is now paired with equally exquisite co-vocalist Becky Cale.”

Indie pop, power pop, dream pop—whatever you call it, this is a sound that will have you singing along on your stereo

RIYL: The Breeders, The Primitives, Heavenly, Veronica Falls, Best Coast, Dum Dum Girls

Arts & Leisure - Choose Your Adventure by Test Pattern Record

Additional details:
Gerri White - vocals, guitar
Becky Cale - vocals, bass, keyboards
Cory Vick - guitar
Tim White - drums
All songs written by Arts & Leisure
This record was made by Tony Cale and Arts & Leisure
Mastered By JJ Golden at Golden Mastering
Cover illustration and design by John Conley

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