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By Flowerss


If Christapher Larsen was inspired by the sunny California shores when writing the tunes for his former band Buildings Breeding, he undoubtedly took a dive into the cool, deep Pacific to create the dark and moody tracks for his new project, Flowerss.

A collaboration between Larsen and Andrew Hoke (AKA Bird Peterson, nationally renowned electronic artist and DJ), Flowerss is electro-shoegaze at its finest—twirling guitars drenched in feedback, atmospheric crescendos, thumping pulse and groovy trip-hoppy rhythm. Throw on the duo’s debut release Charm and you’ll be lulled into a sea of trickling beats before being washed over with a full wave of grunge-inspired guitar and emotive, almost ghost-like, vocals.

With Hoke living in Austin and Larsen in Sacramento, the two friends and musicians collaborated via email for Flowerss, placing the culmination of their efforts on Charm. Lyrically, the songs are an honest look at mortality, Larsen having written the tunes after losing his father in 2010; the music—moody, changing and full of life. Flowerss’ alternating touring lineup is known to include Johnny Gutenberger (Two Sheds/Far), and Kevin Dockter (Chelsea Wolfe/Buildings Breeding).


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