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First Review for "Highs an Lows"

The first review for Soft Science's new release "Highs and lows" is in and IT'S GREAT!

"We're huge, huge, HUGE fans of underground pop from the 1990s. So not surprisingly, we're huge, huge, HUGE fans of Sacramento, California's Soft Science. The band has an ultra-melodic sound driven by great big fuzzy guitars that is reminiscent of cool 1990s popsters like Fuzzy (among others). This band is comprised of former members of the bands California Oranges, Holiday Flyer, The Sinking Ships, and Forever Goldrush. The songs on Highs and Lows are perfectly crafted instantly hummable loud bubblegummy cuts that are impossible to dislike. These folks have a bright upbeat sound that it slightly moody but always driven by super catchy vocal melodies. Soft Science is Katie Haley (vocals), Matt Levine (guitars), Ross Levine (drums), and Mason DeMusey (bass). Not a lot more that needs to be said here...except that we'll be spinning this disc into the ground for the next several months. Pure feelgood tracks include "When Will You Come Home," "Closer To Me," "Take It Back," and "Could It Ever Be True." Perfectly executed modern pop with brains. Highly recommended. TOP PICK."