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Forever Goldrush


Forever Goldrush

A Californian alternative Country/Pop/Rock five-piece, formed 1996 Sacramento, CA. "Unknown Territory" self released 1997 "Halo In My Backpack" 1998 Cargo Records. Their third CD "Amador Frequency" was recorded in 2003, and will be released summer 2011 on Test Pattern Records.

Collaborated, toured and recorded with the likes of: The Mother Hips, Ryan Adams, Lucinda Williams, Train, Marshall Crenshaw, Damnations TX, Craig Schumacher, Jay Bennett, Jesse Sykes et. all.


Damon Wyckoff - songs, vocals, guitars, keys, etc
Josh Lacey - guitars, vocals, etc
Mason DeMusey - bass, guitars, keys, etc
Tony Cale - Drums, guitars, keys, engineering, etc
Erik Hanson - vocals, keys, etc. with past / present / future Nate Dale,
Nate Gonzalez,Cory Vick, Whitfield Burton, Becky Cale, Jeremy Goebel,
Grub Dog Herm